Friday, June 4, 2010

When cats attack

 Just like real flowers, polymer clay flowers are not immune to the curiosity of cats. I found this out first hand this week.

We had friends over for Memorial Day, and I decided to put some of my arrangements—which are soon destined for Etsy—around the living room. To get feedback, ya know? And it worked out great, until I left those same arrangements in the living room, thinking the cats would leave them alone.

Fat chance.

Tuesday: everything was fine. 2 arrangements on the entertainment stand and 1 on the breakfast bar.

Wednesday: not so fine. 1 arrangement on the entertainment stand, 1 on the breakfast bar, and one scattered about the livingroom.

Luckily, the damage looked worse than it was. Only one small, off-white flower is broken (looks like a cat was able to pull the flower head off the stem and chew on it a little, leaving faint teeth marks. The other flowers were just scattered about, but all in good shape.

My extreme displeasure was conveyed to the cats, who just looked at me and got cranky when I sprayed them with the water bottle. Silly human, I should know that anything remotely "fun" looking should be placed in a lead-lined safe, not displayed in the living room.

So this means I'll have to work this little life-lesson into a disclaimer on my Etsy shop page. Maybe something along the lines of "Keep out of reach of anything or anyone that might decide to chew on the flowers" or "Not chew-resistant." I'll have to work on the wording.

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